My mum Appeared to Me that nobody will Know my Secret…Actress, lizzy Anjorin

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Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin has continued to win the hearts of many both with her crafts as an actress, musician and now fashion designer.

She has also used her social media to motivate others about the real challenges of life and now, she has revealed that best type of money rituals that can boost one’s account.

Read below her latest confession;

“Thank you, maami for not using Cypron (Sleeping tablet) in the grave. It’s exactly Six years when I started doing this to honour you. On that very day, I was thinking of how I’m going to be able to raise money to honour you with this method every year. But behold. I have always been doing this every month and also celebrate you in a big way every 8th of January without complain or feel it in my bank account.

Ose Iya daada for not drinking Codeine in the grave. Even when am worried about some things. Maami, you appeared to me in my dream and said ….okomi since they did not know how coconut got its water. Your secret is an abomination for anybody to know…ose Iyami atata for not going to night club in heaven instead you are doing opc job for me in heaven.

“Thank you for not waiting for BRT to take you to see some angels for me ..I can see you don’t come down on your power-bike and private jet to consult the angels on my behalf. if not for you maami and my surest sugar daddy afunimasiregun abeg where I for they? When dey say orisha bi iya kosi…only the ones with brain and connected spiritually can relate …how do you want to see favour of God without going through your mother or father biologically or adopted ….it sadden my heart seeing people getting more concerned in religion than their parents. The only authentic money ritual you can do, is to take care of your parents. Alive or dead.”

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