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Bilaad Realty: Influencing lifestyle of clients with a fusion of expectation, technology, and passion

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Success is the child of audacity.

The above quote of Benjamin Disraeli aptly describes the remarkably audacious strides and achievements of Bilaad Realty in the Nigeria’s real estate sector.

Housing is one of the fundamentals of human existence and a major concern for every family unit. Apart from being one of the items that absorb a large portion of household expenses, housing plays a special role in the social, political and economic discourse of most societies. As a matter of fact, housing has been known to be a major component of creating stable and healthy communities.
The Nigerian housing sector has been mired in a number of challenges ranging from policy to infrastructural issues. Total eradication of housing challenges cannot be fully ascertained in Nigeria with a wholesome number of people homeless. With the country’s population approximating 200 million of which 35% of the people reside in the urban areas, it vividly shows how cumbersome these housing challenges are.

These challenges include Land Use Act, which has become an obstacle to making land available for housing development, paucity of long term funds, as the prime lending rate in the banking sector remains as high as 17.5%, which makes it impossible to use such funds for housing development, high inflation rates and nominal interest rates, -Not only does a volatile economy like Nigeria’s, reduce affordability of mortgages but it also affects the supply of funds and the types of mortgages offered by lenders. In a volatile economic environment, lenders are more concerned about liquidity risks and reluctant to offer long term loans.
Arguably, the volatility of the Nigerian Economy affects the supply of funds available to house developers and this inhibits the growth of the housing sector. Another major challenge to providing affordable housing is the lack of primary infrastructure such as roads, water, electricity etc, which accounts for about 30 percent of housing costs. In most cases, developers have to provide the infrastructure which invariably increases the cost of the houses they produce.

Over the years, construction costs have risen due to the relentless inflationary pressure on building materials and increased demand for labour.
When the Federal Government moved the seat of government to Abuja in 1991, this brought in its wake an upsurge in growth and the need to look at the housing situation of the city. The masterplan of Abuja made provision for comprehensive development in all the districts of the city, most of which could be located in phase one of the city. However, this approach did not meet the housing demands that the exodus brought.

It became obvious that the government could not achieve this by its own, and given the fact that cities all over the world are developed through the efforts of both the public and private sectors, a new approach- the Public Private Partnership (PPP) was introduced in the year 2000, when private real estate developers were brought in to bridge the gap between supply and demand of housing stock in the city and environs with well over 12, 691.70 hectares of land spreading across 22 districts of the city.
The inability of various policies and programmes of government since 2006 to adequately resolve the backlog of housing problems in the country reveals the need for more pragmatic solutions.

When it comes to addressing housing challenges and sustainable real estate solutions, Bilaad Realty bestrides the Nigerian housing space with such pragmatism, reflected in its strategic planning and a commitment to building sustainable communities and cities, having studied comprehensively the country’s housing terrain and gaining indepth knowledge of the peculiarities.
With a mission to provide unparalleled customer experience process for home ownership, guaranteeing secure and serene estates conducive for family development and ideal lifestyle, Bilaad Realty has since its foray in the building industry been streaming its operations in tandem with the sustainable development goals (SDGs)2030, providing real estate solutions with efficient deployment of time and resources to ensure excellent and timely delivery.

Bilaad’s passion has always been guided by its ability to adapt. By bringing a balanced integration of client expectation, technology, and lifestyle, Bilaad seeks to positively influence clients’ quality of life, recognizing the importance of the project initiatives entrusted by clients and taking special care to meet and exceed their expectations. This has been possible through integrating several short and long-term initiatives and practices into its culture to culvate growth and resilience, while placing premium on investing in its human capital in order to retain them as its most valuable asset while striving to improve its culture and work environment.

Bilaad Realty has contributed immensely to ameliorating the housing challenges in Abuja and environs with the provision of state of-the-art houses and estates befitting of a modern city as it is the world over. For Bilaad, the roadmap to sustainable living, which involves a myriad of issues around finance, building technology, location, customer preference and viable solutions, serves as the template for its business, boosting its drive for client satisfaction without compromising on quality and standards.
Hinged on a business model with the corporate philosophy of ‘sustainability’, Bilaad has been addressing residential and commercial property ownership challenges, fulfilling clients’ investment and property ownership aspirations.
On sustainable investment, Bilaad offers reasonable returns on investment with its value proposition easily the best, and complete guidance on a comprehensive range of investment options.

Operating with a commitment to uphold the highest standard of transparency, integrity and effective service delivery, Bilaad has grown in leaps and bounds as a trusted operational unit in the industry, leveraging technology and sustainability as key factors of increasing value, while imbibing a customer experience that is unmatched.
Driven by innovative processes and high aesthetic appeal, Bilaad homes are defined by clean lines, elegantly designed spaces, neutral tones and dexterous finishes. Its environmental policies progressively seek to conserve natural resources and reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.

Apart from property development, ranging from acquisition of lands to renovation and re-leasing of existing buildings, Bilaad also offers investment advisory services, consultancy services offering quality and transparent choices alongside flexible service plans. It also offers facility management services, carrying out a wide range of innovative facility management processes that are cost effective with the goal of creating highly effective and productive environments. While many firms in the industry overlook the all-important aspect of client satisfaction, Bilaad guarantees breeching service gaps and offer customer sensitive and pocket-friendly maintenance rates.
In Abuja, Bilaad has completed a number of diverse projects in Maitama, Wuse, Jabi, Bora Bora Island, Kafe, Bali Island, etc. and as it were, Bilaad Realty has three big ongoing projects in the city: Bobowasi Island, an estate located at Jabi, with 40 units of precious Garnet Home (4-bedroom townhouses each with one maid’s room). One of the highlights of the estate is its proximity to the Jabi Lake.
Two, the Bora Bora Island, an estate located at Wuye; it comprises of 63 precious homes of three different housing categories: Sapphire Home (5-bedroom villas each with one maid’s quarter), Ruby (4-bedroom townhouses each with one maid’s quarters), Topaz (3-bedroom apartments).

Three, Bali Island, which is a premium/mid-premium estate located in the heart of Kafe District, consisting of 411 units of seven different precious homes in a secure and serene environment.
Bilaad’s houses come in different unique styles such as sapphire, amethyst, opal, villas etc, with their prices inclusive of VAT and subject to change.
Behind the remarkable strides of this great realty is a pragmatic man at the helm of its affairs, Aliyu Aliyu, a graduate of Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Minna with a ten-year industry experience in various technical, operational and management roles.

Having also obtained a Masters degree in Engineering Project Management, from Conventry University in the UK, Aliyu possesses a unique skill in managing complex projects and has successfully overseen the completion and delivery of over 700 housing units. He has also participated in the planning and initiation of 5000 housing units across various projects in different locations.
As a property outfit not just focused on profit making but genuinely concerned about providing housing solutions to Nigerians, Bilaad is set to embark on an alternative mortgage financing model that will help Nigerians own houses, with advanced plans to launch its own rent-to-own housing scheme; a project initiative sure to delight Nigerians.

The scheme which is still being worked out would offer people an alternative to current mortgage rates which are as high as 20 per cent and would give majority of Nigerians access to their own houses before they finish payment.
According to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bilaad, Mr. Aliyu Aliyu, “We know the government is doing quite a bit to address some of these concerns (housing finance), but we on our own part are trying to see how we can contribute to the solutions that exist and that is why we created a rent-to-own scheme. We are still working on it and we look forward to seeing how the industry will fare better.”
Bilaad also has a payment plan of 18 months; which gives flexibility to spread payment pending when it begins to work out the rent-to-own system which will give clients access to their houses before finishing payment.

Although the company’s major projects are based in Abuja, not averse to taking up housing projects in any part of the country, Bilaad currently has plans for expansion, and according to Aliyu, “Our next target is Lagos, Port Harcourt and Kano before we spread around.”
Bilaad Realty has carved a niche for itself as an elite player in the real estate sector in Nigeria, with its strategic and pragmatic approach serving as a benchmark of operationalchiefs excellence. Indeed the chief cornerstone of real estate business in Nigeria.

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