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Chief Herbert Sokenu Celebrates 75th Birthday in Classic Fashion, Eulogises 99 Yr Old Mother

Written by Smile

By Manny Ita & Segun Lawal

There perhaps are not many occasions that would elicit joy like one of a man celebrating his 75th birthday with his 99 year old mother present, lively and not showing signs of fatigue.

Indeed when a man clocks that near fragile age and looks 50, it underscores a good nature but beyond that it is an indication of a life well lived.

At 75, Chief Herbert Olufemi Mausi Sokenu is a man fulfilled in every sense of the word and the celebration of the milestone was marked with shared memories of laudable landmarks in the man’s life, beautified by the presence of his equally lively 99 yr old mother, children and grandchildren.

Held at his Osbourne estate, Ikoyi residence, the ocassion was graced by family members of the celebrant and friends who thronged the venue resplendent in various shades of attires to felicitate with a man deserving of honor.

An only child, Chief Sokenu, retired as a chattered Accountant of repute, having served selflesly and meritoriously in every capacity in that regard; a man who holds his head high, harbouring no fears or regrets, with no skeletons in his cupboard; all testifying of a life of discipline and the fear of God.

A staunch and actively serving catholic, Chief Sokenu is a guitarist worthy of note, who easily could have towed the musical line full time given his immense gift in the profession.

Even though it wasnt his first choice profession, Chief Herbert Sokenu is a complete musician who has been playing music all his life, as guests were treated to special renditions of highlife music, backed by thr hired band which sent guests reeling with pleasure and a dancing frenzy at the ocassion, as he gave number upon number, sonorous renditions of classic stuff.

Food and drinks were in rich, assorted and generous supply as the caterers ensured everyone had their fill as the band kept all either keeping merry bobs with their heads and feet or dancing away in joyous steps and shakes.

The highlight of the occasion was the cutting of the cake with the celebrant semi-circled by family, friends and loved ones, who all chorussed the birthday cheers as the knife sunk into the cake.

It was indeed a worthy and well deserved package for a true man of excellence, virtue and wisdom.

We wish Chief Herbert Sokenu more and more happy years ahead.


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