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Choosing a Partner: What You Must Watch out For

Written by Smile

By Abiodun Owoeye

Every individual has a picture of what they want in a partner in their head. If you ask a young man what he wants his partner to look like, you may hear, “I want her slim, tall, fair and pretty”. Ask another and the answer maybe , “not too tall, dark, and of course pretty”.
Ask a lady and you are likely to get the following answers. “Dark or chocolate, tall, handsome, very rich with six packs”.
There is nothing wrong in dreaming o, after all it’s free of charge. But I bet you, physical attributes are the last things you will need for a relationship to work.

Let’s take a look at some of what to look out for when choosing a partner.

Right chemistry: Choose a partner you feel the spark for. You don’t want to be with someone who can’t make you imagine things just by looking at them? There must be a connection between you two.

Maturity: This is very important. A baby at heart can not keep a relationship going. The my mummy says, my daddy says kind of partner is not what you need. Such would not handle a challenge in the union right.

Focus: This is quite necessary. Many people are easily distracted, loosing focus and thereby failing to plan for a good future. If he or she can’t maintain focus, please check the next person out.

Empathy: As partners you should be able to enter into one another’s feelings. You notice there is no heart felt concern for your feelings, you might be with the wrong one.

God Fearing: The fear of God they say is the beginning of wisdom. To have a wise husband or wife, check their level of fear for God.

Boldness: Yes, being bold is key factor to watch out for. If he or she sends his or her friends or family to get to you, it’s a no no. You must be bold enough to face me biko.

Respect: Don’t allow himor her disrespect you. Your partner must be able to respect you, your decisions and all that are related to you.

Self Reliance: I got the money from my uncle, let’s go borrow from your dad are few of the things a non self reliant would say. Living off others. How would such an individual make a good partner?

Patience: As human we are prone to get emotional about somethings at time, that is why we all need that one person who will compliment us in such situations. Choose wisely.

Financial stability: Do not go for that one person who is deep in debt. Financial stability does not mean extremely rich kind of, but being able to meet financial needs without wailing.

Ambitious: goal getters make good partners because they don’t want to be in a position for ever. Is he or she ambitious? Check other criteria and add them up. That might be the right one.

Honest/trustworthy: liars or deceitful persons are wrong choices for partners. If you can’t trust him, if she isn’t straight forward,better run for your life.

Good family background: Most people from good family can’t but be good. I am not saying all are, but the percentage is high.

The list is endless, I can go on and on and on. We can’t have all, but from the 13 above , check for at least 8-9 before you say “I DO”.

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