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Coca-Cola announces arrival of new flavour

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By: Babatunde Alaran

The global soda brand, Coca-Cola has announced the debut of its Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar that will be available across the United State in late February.

Coca-Cola began exploring the possibility of adding new flavors of its classic cola about a year ago, following the launch of Coke Zero Sugar in the US, Coca-Cola trademark brand director Kate Carpenter told Business Insider.

“We had not touched our flavors from an innovation standpoint point or really a messaging or marketing standpoint for a really long time,” Carpenter said. “But, despite that, our flavor portfolio was growing.”

According to Carpenter, retail sales of flavored Coca-Cola beverages grew 2% through the third quarter without substantial marketing. Americans are increasingly looking for variety, especially as many have stopped drinking soda as an everyday routine.Last year, Diet Coke jump-started salesafter releasing four new flavors, including Feisty Cherry and Twisted Mango.

Coca-Cola settled on Orange Vanilla as the new flavor after a successful test in Canada, where several different flavors had been available for a limited time. Further testing proved that people were drawn to the “unexpected familiarity” of the drink.

Taste testers at Business Insider confirmed that the drink was more appealing than expected, describing it as a sweet, Creamsicle-esque cola with notes of Fanta. The drink avoids emphasizing any acidity of orange that could clash with Coca-Cola’s classic flavors, producing a smooth, albeit borderline saccharine, drink.

In addition to the new flavor, Coca-Cola is launching new packaging for other flavors, such as Cherry and Vanilla. Coca-Cola is also launching a marketing campaign intended to promote Orange Vanilla Coke, as well as highlight other flavored colas.


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