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Cochlear Implant Surgery: Save Kemi Dairo from total deafness

Written by Smile

As a teenager at 19 I started business, went to university to further my education at 20, paid my way through school doing vacation jobs. Always have an impeccable God-fearing approach to life. I graduated from school got married at 25, and currently blessed with 3 wonderful children, Great, Favour and Peace. I then started an event planning business from scratch. My goal is to provide excellent and high quality services to my clients so they can have the event they have always dreamt of.

Along the part in my business journey I was faced with a workplace hazard, had an encounter with bad speaker system. A client was complaining about the quality of the sound system. In the process of trying to assist the DJ in resolving the sound system, the speaker suddenly produced a loud high-pitched sound. I heard a sharp pop in my right ear, I thought that was to help me know the gravity of the pain…the speaker problem was solved but I was left with the event noise for a week till it faded away, never saw this as an emergency case so I ignored it.

A year after I noticed family and friends started complaining, asking me, “are you sure you can hear me”? I initially thought because I always have so much going on and a lot in my mind, I was carried away most of the times. Later I started noticing that I could not hear anything on phone with my right ear…I switch over to using only my left ear. Then it got to a point I will have to be tapped from behind to get my attention to a full loud conversation going on. This was when I realized there is a problem.

At a point someone suggested hearing aid, I asked how much it was gotten I was told 350k naira ($1000) but I couldn’t  afford it anyways, so I let it pass. My left ear due to overload started going faint. A concerned client forced me to go for the ENT test and seek solution to the loss of hearing she was indeed a sent Angel, she paid part of the bill. So, I went to see the ENT and that was when I heard the breaking news that I have finally lost my right ear frequency and I will have to do a cochlear implant.  The result for the left ear shows the frequency is very faint that I have to get a hearing aid which I did. But the weight on the left ear alone has totally affected it to just picking sound.
Now am back with my major solution for both ears, Cochlear Implant Surgery, the cost of the surgery is $30,000. To this end which I cannot afford after spending all my savings on hearing aids.
I will like to seek help from everyone. I stay away from people now, since I won’t be able to hear. I have lost a lot of events as I can no longer pick my client calls. I cannot even hear my kids voice anymore and they are getting gradually confused, frustrated and depressed. My whole world is crumbling on me and I’m slipping into depression by the day.

Your contribution or donation no matter how little will go a long way.
With God all things are possible, your prayers for success are also important, your help to share this message to seek for donation will go a long way.
God bless you as you help me from going totally deaf. Thank you

Please Kindly support by sending what ever you can to help, personal account Remi Dairo Kemi Amanda 0100271042 Diamond Bank or through go fund me https://www.gofundme.com/save-Kemi-from-total-deafness

God Bless you.

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