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The best way to die to self is to love the Spirit of God in you. It is not by trying hard and failing. It is by resting on the capacity and ability of God within you…It is by understanding your new nature in Christ.

I can assure you that if you learn how to do this, you will become amazed at your growth. You will begin to find out that YOU ARE NATURALLY DYING TO SELF almost without any effort.

My personal example I like telling people about is that a time came that I found me asking myself about the meaning of forgiveness. Forgiveness lost meaning to me. I was wondering what it means to forgive people. I couldn’t hold people in my heart, why would I need to forgive them? I began wondering why people are always talking about forgiveness. I was full of light by the Holy Spirit as to how extremely foolish it is to be holding people in one’s heart. I was not trying to do it as a law. I understood it so well.

I have many other things that happened to me like this. I cannot mention them all here. Few years ago, I found myself not desiring to drive the best or most expensive of cars or live the greatest of mansions anymore. I was surprised how I got to that point. I could not remember hearing a particular word or an event that instantly brought about that. I had to be questioning myself and looking deep inwards to find out how that happened. Then my eyes opened to see that Christ had gradually been working in my heart.

This is the kind of life we have in Christ. If you can exalt the love of God in your heart instead of being conscious of sin. If you can exalt fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you will just be astonishingly observing your life transforming, to the praise and the glory of God.

This is the nature of righteousness. You cannot submit to the Spirit of God in you, consciously renewing your mind in the Truth, and your path will not be as a shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day.

Please stop exalting sin and satan. Embrace Christ with all your heart. He is all you need. I once read about the great Apostle of Faith, Smith Wigglesworth. How he was preaching to someone about salvation, and the person was asking whether he would not need to stop smoking after receiving Christ. He told the man that he did not have to. All he needed was to receive Christ and stay in relationship with Him. And lo and behold, the man continued smoking. But he could not do it for so long. The Spirit of God would not let him continue after some time. If you love God, you will be finding it easy to discover errors in your life, and TRUTH will be making you free. You will be GROWING IN GRACE SPEEDILY.

If we can teach people how to focus on the Spirit, learn from the Spirit, and walk in the Spirit, it will become A NATURAL THING TO DIE TO SELF.

God bless you!!!
Sunday Akinbowale

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