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The Vault with Abbey: Effects of Social Media on Relationships

Written by Smile

By Biodun Owoeye

The social media today has come to be entwined in our every day lives, affecting us in both positive and negative ways.
Many relationships started on social media and while many have happy endings, some ended before they saw the light of the day.
Recently a story trended on Facebook of a lady who sent airtime to a guy in her online group during a game. From there a friendship was formed. They dated for months and got married early this year.
There are various groups online now that have helped a lot of people discover how well to manage their relationships. I know of some female groups that give tips on how to multitask without breaking, how to be good mothers, how to DIY (home made things), how to be in charge in the other room, how to create rooms in the heart of your in-laws and many more.
Let’s see how one of such groups helped a woman take back her man.
Lola a caterer, very pretty and married to Femi, a private school principal. She had many admirers that sometimes slid into her messenger to chat her up. She soon got carried away by the constant airtime and bank alert gifts from these people that she started misbehaving at home.
Femi noticed her extravagant spending and challenged her. “How is that your business? Is your money missing? Am I not working?” She retorted.
In no time she started seeing one of the admirers much too often. Few ladies would resist Adedeji. Tall, handsome and chocolate complexioned, he is a top executive in a foreign company where he earns in thousand of pounds per month. His wife, Adetoun is a bank manager. With more than enough money to throw around, it was easy for Deji to entice Lola.
The two became so engrossed in their act, so much so they had to rent an apartment to stay whenever they had the chance.
Sleeping out became nothing to Lola (always using work as excuse). By this time Femi was tired talking about her attitudes.
On one of their many nights together, they were seen by Adetoun, who decided to close late from work because her husband had called to inform her earlier about a meeting that will run all night.
She was surprised to see him on casual wear (jean and top) because he had left the house in suit. The duo just stepped out of a popular night club cuddling and fondling. The street was lit with powerful lights so it was easy for her to take pictures of them without being noticed. “Thank God I let the driver off before I saw this, how embarrassing it would have been?” Adetoun thought aloud.
She drove home still in shock of what she saw. “What have I done to deserve this? How have I wronged this man? Am I less attractive to him now? Have I stopped being the dutiful and loving wife?” These and more were thoughts running through her mind.
Later that night she sent her story to an admin of her online group to post as anonymous. Within 1 hour, she had over a thousand comments as advise from members of the group.
“Don’t tell me you let the bitch go? I would have torn her to pieces if it were me”
“It is well sis, pray until something happens”
“Sue your husband for breach of oath if you were legally married “
“Be calm sis, talk to your husband and let him know your stand”
“Go and watch the war room”
“Try and get the lady’s name, let us go to the village for her case”
“The ball is in your court girl, fight for your marriage, but do it with wisdom”
Those were some of the comments she got.
By morning she had decided on what to do.
Her husband came home in the morning and she pretended not to be aware of anything. After bathing and eating , Adedeji slept off like a hunter who had roamed the bush for two nights seeking a game. (Lola was sure a handful when it comes to sex).
Adetoun used the opportunity to go through her husband’s phone (something she had never done before). What she saw could be best imagined. She wept and did what she had to do before Adedeji woke up.
She made sure the weekend was just them in their own world. No office works, no phones , no distractions
Meanwhile,Lola has been trying to reach Adedeji all to no avail. You guess right! Adetoun deleted all her contacts from her husband’s phone, this she did plus blocking her from all his platforms.
At lunch time on Monday , Adedeji got a message from his wife, he almost choked on his lunch when he downloaded the pictures attached. He scrolled down to read the message
“My crown, My heartbeat, the one man that owns me. The above pictures were taken by me since Friday night”.
“Do you know I could have packed out of the house before you came in Saturday morning? I could have poisoned the food you ate, I could have attacked the two of you when I saw you, I could have stabbed you while sleeping or gone with the picture evidence to the church or your family. Does it occur to you that I could even have sued you for breaking our marriage vows? But no, I didn’t do all these because I love you.
I have forwarded the pictures to Lola too(got her name and number from your phone). I am sure she wouldn’t contact you ever again. I deleted and blocked her on all your platforms. Ademi(my crown), please do not do this again, because we might not be lucky next time (love can be sour).
Push for your annual leave, will do mine too, let’s go see the world next month.
Love you always “Adetoun”.
Meanwhile school was on break so Femi was home on this faithful Monday when his wife’s phone kept beeping with multiple messages dropping. He picked it to go give her just in case it was a client. Pictures were on auto download and his eyes caught a glimpse of it. He almost fainted from what he saw. Lola came in and snatched the phone from his hand, thinking the messages were from Adedeji but what she saw dumbfounded her.
Femi picked his shirt and turned to her “please leave before I get back, don’t make me a murderer”.
Indeed the social media can make or mar relationships. It is rife with the good, the bad, the ugly and even the bizzarre.
It is best used wisely.
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