Gaise Baba Unveils LightOut Concerts, Leverages Music to Inspire Young Nigerians

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Nigerian afro-fusion artiste, Gaise Baba introduces the LightOut Concerts, an exciting gathering aimed at educating and impacting students in high schools and colleges with exemplary values and principles for a desirable future. LightOut leverages the infectious power of music to promote positive values among teenagers and young adults. Riding on the excitement created with the urban music, dance and spoken word, LightOut advocates estimable values like abstinence, diligence, stewardship and a sense of purpose.

The first ever LightOut Concert held in November 2017 at Kings College, Lagos and has since held many other concerts across schools in Lagos including Queens college, Dansol High school, Greensprings School, Oxbridge College, Federal Science and Technical College as well as various youth groups and teenage camp meetings.

“For us at Greensprings, any investment towards motivating our students to get the best out of them is a worthwhile investment. Being at the LightOut concert, what I saw was using music and spoken word as avenues to motivate students to deploy their talents and energies in a positive way, and I think that is something that every school will want to achieve in their students, especially secondary school students where you have a lot competing for their attention”. Those were the words of Magdalene Okrikri, Principal at Greensprings schools, Lagos, Nigeria.

According to Ola Opesan, administrator at Oxbridge College, “I will certainly recommend this experience to many schools because you will not have too many organizations come through that can really connect with the students because of age and messaging, and let the students take and reflect upon the messages of abstinence, and these are very strong messages we need to put out there now so that we show the children the right way to go.”

With keen focus on Secondary Schools and Colleges, the LightOut™ Concert recognizes the compelling instrumentality of music and entertainment as the singular language of millennials and Generation Z, and thus deploys it to counsel, inspire, guide aright and mentor students to make wise decisions at such a time as this.

A student taking the Abstinence Pledge


The crew performing at te HOTR teens camp meeting

The crew perfoming at LightOut citywide concert.

The crew perfoming at LightOut citywide concert in Maryland. (3)

Students stunned by the Dance performance

Students signifying they want to take the abstinence pledge

Students showing excitment

Students showing excitment (2)

Students getting ready for the concert to begin

Students being entertained

Students being entertained (2)

Students at Greensprings Schools

Student reaction during the Spoken Word session

Spoken Word session

Queens college students ready for the concert to begin

Queens college students being entertained

Principal at Greensprings School awarding Gaise baba and the crew

Group photo of Gaise Baba with students and teachers at the LightOut citywide concert

Gaise Baba with the students and their Music teacher at Dansol Schools


Gaise Baba with Prefects at Greenspring schools

Gaise Baba entertaining the students at Queens college

Gaise Baba entertaining students

Gaise Baba engaging QC students while performing

Gaise Baba educating students at Kings college

Excited students at Queens college

Excited students at Queens college (4)

Excited students at Queens college (2)

Dansol Students ready for the concert to begin

Contortionists, twistXtreme, entertaining the students.


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