Lights & demi-gods: How MTN Pulse Shook Benin!

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Erm, what are appropriate the words we could use to explain how Thursday felt like at the University of Benin? How do we translate ‘#$&&F@##@’ into the English language?

When we find those words we will let you know. Till then, we will settle for, “Thursday night was the definition of a ‘lit-uation‘!”

The MTN Pulse Campus Invasion broke down everything UNIBEN students understood about fun. Then, piece by ‘Spinall-inspired piece’ Pulse rebuilt what excitement in the school would aim for, going forward.

In the beginning, we were busy shouting at how crazy the dance was. We did not understand that what was happening would be ‘chicken change’ compared to what would come.

Somehow, students received word that Nigerian music stars – DJ Spinall and Shody (Turn Up King) – were on their way, and they proceeded to welcome them like royalty.

Then like demi-gods, the stars mounted that stage, and nearly spun the students into a near-frenzy with hits from Nigerian musicians around the world! It was incredible to see the students have so much fun.

The phone lights came out and it became a stunning festival of lights. Wow!

After that, all bets were off! Spinall and Shody brought the fire and ice at the same time.

You really can’t imagine how awesome it was, to feel the ground move beneath your feet because of thumping beats from your favourite stars aided by voices of hundreds of your fellow students. Oh, you can’t begin to imagine sef!

There were tears of excitement.

That my friends, was when the invasion was complete! Total, unequivocal INVASION!

Peace out!

We’ll give you the full gist of the 5-day fest later.













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