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Man of the month: Chief Dele Momodu

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By: Babatunde Alaran

In Nigerian journalism, don’t let us forget that we have Deles; and the only Dele that is still often with us is the Dele that writes a succinct column: Pendulum. The man is a purveyor of a socialite. And when you are talking about who knows people, Bashorun Dele Momodu could not be left out. He knows the technocrats, artisans, professionals, celebrities and politicians. And he is fondly called: Bob Dee.

He is a debonair. A god of traditional styles with his trademark: OV. Nobody wears OV apart from this extraordinary pen master who writes concise weekly newspaper column with the best choice of the English language. Also when Dele Momodu tweets, you will certainly know that a polemicist has tweeted. He has social media coteries and also a connoisseur.

Indeed, nothing could be said in the history of journalism without the influence of this doyen who started his passionate career with the defunct Concord Press owned by late business mogul, MKO Abiola. And during those perennial days, Momodu wrote stories that made the headlines and he was an ardent supporter of MKO during the June 12, 1993 pandemonium.

However, after the annulment of June 12 election, he arrived back to Nigeria from exile to establish the celebrity Magazine, Ovation International Magazine. Since the establishment of the pictorial magazine, Chief Momodu, has become a brand who knows the events and the organisers. He is a man of focus who has passed through hurdles during his time as an editor for ‘Classique’

Well, nobody will deny that he/she doesn’t know Chief Momodu because he is the only Nigerian journalist so far who has emerged as a presidential candidate of a political party. His childhood was inspiring. It is a story of testimony and though he is fashionista.

Chief Momodu is industrious and a hardworking journalist who knows the etiquette of the profession. Even Ovation magazine is one of the best-selling magazines in Africa; and it is also bi-lingua of both English and French. And it has featured personalities across Africa and in Diaspora. Though, when you hear, Chief Dele speaks, you will never hesitate to identify his voice. Hence, he loves talking with Yoruba proverbs because of his mythology with Yoruba language. And he understands literature because when he writes, you will learn new words.

Perhaps, Chief Dele loves for journalism has made him to establish an online newspaper apart from the Ovation Magazine that has already become a household name in the industry. In the year 2015, he established, The Boss Newspaper and Ovation TV. Apparently, these two achievements have made him to become one of the media moguls in the contemporary Nigeria society who understands the profession of the 21st century.

Thus, having said much about Chief Abayomi Ojutelegan Ajani Momodu; he is also an orator whose speeches are motivational. He speaks at events and he has become role model and mentor to young African entrepreneurs.

Whenever you see, Chief Momodu, you will sincerely know that he is jovial. He often talks with sarcasm and sometime with parody. Even in his writing, he frequently uses figure of speech which is not albatross to his writing rather it makes the writing witty and catchy. He writes for an average Nigerians with reference to recent events.

However, when you see him, you will see creative lifestyle from him. As a man who takes care of his skin like that of a woman. His skin is always glowing without any rash. Nevertheless, Chief Momodu is a foodie.

And during the 25th year commemoration of the June 12 annulment, Chief Dele unveiled three books to his credit and he had written a book for Honourable Yakubu Dogara during his golden jubilee. He is also a tourist who loves travelling for exploration. And he is a loveable husband to his wife, Chief Mrs Mobolaji Momodu and a caring father to his children.

Chief Momodu is a brand who has recognition across all sectors from entertainment to politics. He is also a philanthropist whose gestures have made him to have millions of followers both on Twitter and Instagram


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