My Father has Refused to Wear pants for 29years…Alibaba

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Comedian, Alibaba, has called out his father for refusing to join the class of the big boys as he has refused to wear pants.

The comedian disclosed that since 1988, his father has refused to dress in the white man’s outfit as he chooses to dress in native attires wherever he goes.

Alibaba stated that no matter the event, his father is always rather to dress in the Delta attire which is always shirt and wrapper.

Now, his father is planning to be in the US to be with one of his sons and they are already thing how he is going to dress to travel considering the cold weather over there.

“I pity my old man… he has refused to wear pants since 1988…. now that he is planning on going to visit his son @jnrjnrdlast_one in Minnesota… Let me see how he will manage without thermal wear,” he wrote.

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