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Politically, I’m Wiser…Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo

Politically, I'm Wiser...Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo
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Popular Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, rather than buy expensive wines and fashion accessories to look good, has chosen to invest his money wisely and he is almost ready to recoup it.

It is no news that John had pumped in money into agriculture in 2017, but what was not known to many is that he invested in 3 businesses of which one failed.

Despite the failure and the amount of money he put, he never allowed that to bother him as he decided to focus on the two which was doing fine and that is farming and animal husbandry.

Disclosing part of his 2017 success story, he wrote, “2017 has been amazing. Emotionally I’m calmer, politically I’m wiser, business-wise I’m smarter. I started 3 new businesses in 2017, one failed but the two others are doing wonderfully well. My passion for agric has taught me a lot. You reap what you sow. This applies in life. Put in maximum effort in all that you do. Love more, give more and pray more. The results are awesome! I fell down 9 times but rose up 10! My dear beloved, whatever you lost in 2017, you shall recover 10 times in 2018! You shall walk with grace in 2018.”

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