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Reasons for Infidelity

Written by Smile

By.Biodun Owoeye

Infidelity can be defined as the act of being unfaithful in a relationship. It is generally termed cheating.

 Just imagine a partner that you have a committed relationship with, engaging in sexual intercourse with someone else. It’s not pleasant I guess.

 Do you know even happy couples cheat? O yes they do.

 Question now is; why do people engage in acts of infidelity?

 I hope you enjoy and learn a few things as we navigate through  some of the reasons.

 Bisi’s friends are always looking fly. Bisi is a student and wants to look like her friends. Her boyfriend is not making that much money to part with what is enough to get her WANTS. She got herself a helper in another man. Bisi is cheating because of MONEY.

 Martins is married to Ranti whom he truly loves. She is taking him for granted for that fact and she isn’t reciprocating the love. Zainab is his colleague at work who have eyes on him. She gives him all the attention and follows up on his well being. He started dating Zainab. Martins’ reason for cheating is EMOTIONAL.

 Tanko is always tired when it comes to intimacy. Laraba is only human and thinks her partner is seeing someone else. She met her ex by accident and the old flames got reignited. She is cheating to get SEXUAL satisfaction.

 Ovie is always on one chat group or another, searching for available babes to lay. His relationship with his fiancée Kome, could be described as perfect. But for his LUST for girls, he is cheating.

 Tomi’s work is not time-consuming and so in her work place , she has all the time to gist. She is always at Kunle’s desk gisting. With time they both became a pair. Tomi is in a serious relationship with Bayo, but out of IDLENESS she is cheating on him.

Toyin believes in commitment and never doubted her man for once when he had to leave the country to seek for greener pasture. There she is waiting for him to make it and come back for her, unknown to her, Uche already got another woman pregnant and wedded her. He cheated because of DISTANCE.

There are a thousand reasons acts of infidelity take place.

But are they reasons enough to disappoint your partner?

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  • Kudos to the writer.
    All these usually form the basis of infidelity in relationships but can be controlled if we all have it at the back of our minds that no one is perfect. We should be able to blend the imperfections with the perfect,with this each partner’s weakness will be slightly noticed or totally not