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Seun Egbegbe Proud to have a Queen girl with Faithful Babymama

Written by Smile

Embattled Nollywood marketer, Seun Egbegbe, when stepping out of prison at the right time will be proud to see that one of his lifetime asset is doing fine.

Well, we can’t tell if he still has money in the bank but what we can tell is that his lifetime investment is gradually getting to maturity stage by the day.

Don’t crack your head that much because the said investment happens to be his baby girl with his baby mama, Adenike Yusuf.

Adenike has tried in standing by Seun despite the fact that he is still in prison and has been trying everything possible at ensuring that she cares for their baby in his absence.

She has been able to remain loyal and faithful to Seun which goes to show that she truly has true love for him despite his ordeal.

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