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Smile appreciates customers with new device, bonus offers

Written by Smile

By Babatunde Alaran

With the magic wand that is going on in the telecommunications service, especially in West Africa, one of the giant outlets Smile, 4G LTE, has announced a new device and bonus offers to reward its numerous customers.

The proposed offers are affordable, thus making it easier for customers to enjoy the benefits that come with having super-fast and reliable Internet connection.

Through the offers recently introduced by Smile, customers will, upon purchase of a SMiFi or router starter pack, get 100 per cent bonus data on recharge for three consecutive months, free unlimited on net calls and 10 minutes off-net calls.

They are at liberty to get 7GB plus SMiFi or Unlimited Premium plan plus router and 100 per cent bonus. This gives customers the ability to create their own hotspot, stream, download and connect with family and friends. Prices start from as low as N9,800. The SMiFi offer is available in all cities of operation.

“We recognise that the Internet is becoming more and more important for nearly everybody in their everyday lives, and as such it is our goal to enable as many new connections as possible. These offers are yet another step towards realising this goal,” said Lotanna Anajemba, Smile Nigeria’s head of marketing.

Emphasising further, he highlighted that the need for instant, continued access to the Internet has resulted in a higher demand for data to be readily accessible at affordable rates.

It is believed that the new device and bonus offers will not only give customers great value for money but also reward them for their usage. The offer can be accessed via online shop at, Smile shops and authorised distributors spread across the cities that they operate.

Applauding the offer, leading industry analysts opined that, through these efforts, Smile Nigeria has championed the goal to extend Internet access to the majority of Nigerians who prior to now did not have access.

Smile’s effort to get Nigerians on to the Internet is demonstrated by its aggressive investment in what is now the largest 4G LTE network in Nigeria, introduction of a wide and affordable bundle portfolio, affordable data enabled devices and now these exciting offers.

For Smile Nigeria, these feats are aligned with the company’s commitment to create a differentiated value proposition and provide customer centric services, which are aimed at adding unrivalled benefits to its teeming customers spread across major cities and towns in the country.

More than anything else, the new offers meet with Smile’s position as the broadband provider of choice in Nigeria that enables its customers to do and achieve more.

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