Stop Being Argumentative with your Spouse…Actor, McCarthy Nonwani Warn Couples

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Nollywood actor, McCarthy Nonwani, before getting married some months back to his lover, has read so many challenges couples face and also the various failed marriages of some celebs before making his choice.

Nobody wishes to have a failed marriage but sometimes most ugly cases in the home is as a result of lack of good understanding and communication among couples.

McCarthy, who knows he made no wrong choice in settling for his woman of choice as he continues to enjoy his union has decided to share some advice to couples making them understand that part of the ways to have a good home is by not keeping score of offenses.

According to him, “The scripture teaches that love makes allowances for people’s weaknesses. Love covers a person’s faults. In other words, you have to overlook some things. Quit demanding perfection out of your spouse, your children, or other people with whom you are in a relationship, and learn to show a little mercy. DON’T BE A FAULTFINDER…BE A PEACEMAKER. IT is vital that we don’t keep score of offenses. Nothing will drive the peace out of your home any quicker than constant criticism. Don’t be so proud that you always have to prove your point, swallow your pride and consider somebody else’s opinion, you may think you are right, but there is a chance you could be wrong. STOP BEING SO ARGUMENTATIVE. You should complete each other, rather than compete with each other… Peace pass palaver(ppp).”

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