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Tech Trends New Start-ups Should Know
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No more 9 to 5s. No human pitching overtime to you like it’s a presidential candidate and best of all, you’re your own boss. The start-up scene is rapidly revolutionising the marketplace and has become every brave entrepreneur’s day dream and the best part? Effectively operating a start-up has been dumbed down to a point where progress suddenly depends not only on what you’re offering, but how you’re offering it. Thanks to the evolution of technology, start-ups have been able to break out of the seemingly lowly tag of “small business”.

The biggest challenge with technology is its ability to warp and leave you stupefied. One moment you’re on top of things, the next thing, you’re outdated. Yikes! Take social media for example. A short while ago, hashtags, mentions, shares, retweets, e.t.c, where the norm. But like the last paragraph clearly stated, that was a while ago. New trends have emerged in the past months that every tech start-up must take note of in order to achieve exposure and streamline operations.

You have got to use video

Over the past few months, the use of video has become widely accepted. With over 72 hours of video streaming happening every single day, it’d be ignorant not to tap into the trend. The use of video can be utilised to achieve:

  • Live streaming of events. Thanks to the guys at Periscope, Facebook and YouTube, start-ups can go live within minutes which helps with exposure and the reception of immediate feedback.
  • Viral Video Marketing which is simply the use of video to promote brand awareness, products, services, or to achieve other marketing objectives via the internet. EXAMPLE
  • Brand Recognition EXAMPLE
  • Showcasing
  • To passage of product instruction EXAMPLE
  • The sharing of testimonials.

Apple still trumps Android in app creation.

When building an application for your start-up, just keep in mind that iOS is actually easier and cheaper than the android route. This borders on so many factors like the numerous versions of Android running on numerous firmware and even outdated hardware. Also Developer tools are better on the Apple side.

Some people believe that building apps natively per platform is a waste of time and money. But the truth remains that it’s better to go deeper on your most popular platform first, instead of going broad and preparing a “One size fits all” application that in the end, makes user experience crappy. Also, please for the love of God, get someone to build an app for you. Why? Because it’d take about 4x more time to build one yourself.

Niche blogging is power!

You may already have a blog that talks about your industry and what you do. Blogs are fantastic for driving people to your website when people find your posts informative. Those posts should help your potential customers address a problem to which they are seeking a solution. That wins their loyalty and eventually their business.

Take the blog concept a step further and start a vertical blog or two. A vertical is a blog that is related to your industry but niche specific. For example, if you are a website designer and you run a blog about web design, consider starting a blog on blog design. It’s a similar field, but you’ll get visitors who are looking for blog design and not necessarily website design. In essence, you are bringing in potential customers through the back door.

When considering what type of niche to address with your vertical blog, think about what other customers may need your services. It comes down to opening your mind and marketing in a different way. For example, one vertical blog can be all about marketing your business online. Of course, what’s at the heart of marketing online? A website or blog. That just so happens to be your main business if you are a website designer, yet those visitors are finding you via a blog about marketing online.

Everything is connected!

All of our digital interactions have indeed become synchronized into a continuous and ambient digital experience that preserves our experience across traditional boundaries of devices, time and space. The experience blends physical, virtual and electronic environments, and uses real-time contextual information as the ambient environment changes or as the user moves from one place to another. Connection models have expanded and greater cooperative interaction between devices have already begun to emerge.

Your hosting company can make or break you!

As a start-up, budget management is of great importance and yes, hosting will bare its fangs when the time comes. Even though most local start-ups don’t need a large website, it is the platform that establishes your brand and serves as a main access point for reaching customers. Being in the start-up world, you’re always looking for more cost effective ways to run your business. Several hosting companies like Webdrive offer website and server hosting services that won’t scare your wallet. When you add the assurance of no downtimes, premium technical support, the urge to throw that cash really comes naturally.

Skype might be old, but it’s still useful

People like free stuff, but often it’s time consuming to develop content to give away. Skype has some built-in functions that you may have tried during calls, like the ability to share documents or a computer screen. But have you ever thought about recording that call and using that information as a learning tool for others?

Interview an expert in a field related to your business and record the call. You can even use Skype to record a group call. You can then give that recording away to people who subscribe to your blog or you can use it as link bait to get people to visit your site.

How about giving out free consultations over Skype? Offer 15-minute consultations, offer a bit of advice and record the call to provide to the potential client afterward. It will serve as a reminder of the information you provided in the call, but also keep you top of mind when they return to the recording to review the information. When you email the recording to the potential client, remind them of your full services if they should want to follow up with you later.

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