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Ten Memorable 2017 Movies

Written by Smile

10. Atomic Blonde

There is more than just a great soundtrack to this movie, as we get another movie from the amazing Charlize Theron, kicking ass and taking names, and looking amazing while she does it, thanks to a great visual style as well. You could say another theme this year is kick-ass leading ladies (spoilers for a few other movies on this list). After a few lackluster Bond films these past few years, the good news is that we might have a great female replacement.

9. Baby Driver

And it’s not a long wait on this list before we get another movie with a great soundtrack, but not only that, a great soundtrack that plays a very important role in the style and pace of this movie. Thanks to Edgar Wright and his sense of visual style and sound production, Baby Driver is a movie you need to see a few times, just to really appreciate the importance of the soundtrack. A great heist film with some cool car chase scenes, and a great performance from Jon Hamm as well.

8. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Was it too soon for yet another Spider-Man reboot? Well,when Marvel Studios got a chance to take control and bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a lot of people’s excitement was running high. He does play a role in this movie, but thankfully he only pops in here and there. Lots of fingers crossed looking forward to seeing where they go with this version of Spider-Man, as they say things are going to be different. Also need to give some kudos to a great performance and bad guy, a rarity in the MCU, to Batman, that is Birdman, no no, its Vulture, aka Michael Keaton.

7. Free Fire
Judging by the cast and seeing the look of this film, you’d sure check this one out. A great gun fight, with more, somewhat realistic actions and reactions to being shot than most films. All taking place in one central location, a warehouse during a gun deal gone wrong. We don’t get lot of back story about each character, other than what is told in the movie, and it’s a great journey to see who is telling the truth and who is out to turn on each other. A great mix of comedy thanks to Sharlto Copley and Armie Hammer. This is available on Blu-ray.

6. Colossal

A great case of going into a movie, knowing very little about the story, and walking out blown away by what we really got. Colossal is one those movies I recommend going into not knowing much about or even watching a trailer, You’d enjoy the giant monster movies, and this is one with a little twist, and even a nice little metaphor on life as well. It was just released on Blu-ray, so hopefully you will give this one a shot.

5. LEGO: Batman

As we get higher up on the list, we have another theme that presents itself, the definition of family. And we kick that theme off with LEGO: Batman, and yes it’s just as funny as the The LEGO Movie, with some great one liners and visual gags, but there is also a great and thoughtful story mixed in there as well. A great voice cast all around, with way too many to mention, every choice was a good one. So many easter eggs in this one, as they reference the whole Batman history, so a few viewings might be necessary to make sure you catch them all. It will have you yelling “Hey ‘puter” every time you fire up your computer.


4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

And the family theme continues with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and you can once again throw in the soundtrack theme as well (as with Vol. 1). The crew is all back once again for another adventure, and we even get a few new faces in the family, and of course, we get Groot and Drax stealing the show when it comes to the comedy. But on the other side, a great story arc featuring Mary Poppins, aka Yondu, who lets us know the definition of family is not just by blood. A roller coaster ride with all kinds of emotion, great direction from James Gunn, and some great stingers as well at the end of this one.


3. Wonder Woman

And one of the biggest surprises this year was how much love Wonder Woman got. Some great action scenes, that beach battle, and of course No Man’s Land too. And of course some kudos to Gal Gadot on her great job of playing Wonder Woman, and the girl power continues with Patty Jenkins behind the camera. If this is the movie that puts the whole DCU into a more positive aspect for movie fans, look forward to seeing what comes next. Higher hopes for the Justice League movie coming up soon.

2. Your Name

Your Name might be the movie that most of you might not have heard of up to this point. Thanks to YouTube movie reviewer, Chris Stuckman, who was the first to bring this movie to many a movie buff’s attention. A story about two people who live two different lives, and their weird connection that seems to focus around a mysterious comet. It’s such a beautiful story and even more beautiful when it comes the visuals, some are just stunning.

1. Logan

And we finally come to the number one spot, and so far, we have had a few themes: family, great soundtracks, and plenty of superhero movies. And a few of those themes continue with the number one spot, with Logan. It’s very sad that this, being the last Wolverine movie, is the best of the series. And thankfully we have a way for the story to continue. The color version of this, was cool but the noir version of this is just incredible, the whole black and white seems more appropriate with this story more than when they did it with Mad Max: Fury Road. If for some reason you haven’t watched this yet, you should check out the noir version first.

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