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The Vault with Abbey – Status as Basis for a Relationship/Marriage

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Not on my life, I will never be a part to this. How can you present such a man as your fiancé? I would rather you kill me than give my blessings to you , marrying a man from such background?”

Hummm, those were the words of Mrs Olaide Thomas to her only daughter, Omolaraeni.

The Thomases are what we can call the affluent; from generation to generation, there had never been any trace of poverty attached to their name. Theirs has been generations of silver spoons, and they were bent on keeping it that way.

Olorunfemi Badmus and Omolaraeni Thomas met during their housemanship (internship period) in one of the general hospitals in Lagos. Olorunfemi is from a middle class family.

They both made good grades out of medical school and had outstanding internship despite their difference in status.

If intelligence cannot be measured by wealth, why should love? I think aloud.

Many marriages fail today because the couple were made to marry out of “wealth must marry wealth”. I am not saying it is wrong for the rich to marry from a rich family, if both parties find and love themselves. Why not?

I know of a very wealthy family in Lagos that almost all their spouses are from the middle or low class. I wondered at first if these marriages were midwifed for the purpose of intimidation to keep a firm hold on them and thereby preserving their interests, but getting closer to some of these families, I realised this was not the case at all. They treat them and their families as you should treat your spouse and in-laws, as the case may be.

My point here is, if the individual involved is not a threat to our child, parents, please try as much as possible to support and respect their wishes.

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