The Vault With Abbey

The Vault with Abbey

Written by Smile

Theirs is a vintage story of love and togetherness.

Shola and Kanmi started on a good note and were determined it won’t swerve otherwise. And so they maintained it despite slings of distraction and separation from different angles.

A union of two persons from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, who like Romeo and Juliet, invariably find joy in each other’s presence.

The objections of both families to their union only served to propel the love flame ignited by the lovebirds to a romantic frenzy, which ultimately led to their parents’ consent. Sweet stuff, ain’t it?

Relationship is a state of connectedness between people, which is usually emotional in nature, usually based on love on the one hand, trust on the other or both..

In our present world, romantic and sexual friendship is what comes to mind when relationship is mentioned but Relationship could also involve parties and countries.

Many are related by blood, marriage or adoption.

On this space every Wednesday, we will be talking about relationship and the threads being woven around it.

If you have any story to tell on your relationship connect with me on thevaultwithabbey@ or on Facebook, the vault with abbeysmile international magazine.

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