The Vault With Abbey

TheVault with Abbey: Words are Powerful Weapons that can Wreck or Build Relationships

Written by Smile

By Abiodun Owoeye

“Daddy , daddy I will follow you”
These words were said more than five times amidst cries before Tope got a response.
‘What is it?’asked his father. I want to follow you, the boy cried again. He got no response again.
And where do you think you are going? Mama Tope asked her husband in a loud voice.
Did you not hear when I was talking to a client on the phone? I have a meeting in the next 30minutes. The husband explained in a subtle way.
Maybe your mother is deaf, I am not. So it is your phone conversation I will be listening to abi? How do I know what the person at the other end was saying? Was the phone on speaker or your family are telegram witch, that can hear what people are saying in Abuja while they are in Jos?.
By this time, her voice has rouse for all who cares to listen.
Why all these insult to my relatives now? What have I said to annoy you this much again? Okay do not be angry, I accept my mistake. Darling I have a meeting with a client, I will be home as soon as I am done there. Is the issue settled now?
Go and beg your ancestors, foolish man. It is me you want to fool?. The voice at the other end was a woman’s, and you are telling me it was a client. Which yeye client is that? You will be out all day during the week, weekend that you are supposed to be home with us, that is when one useless joy spoiler wants to see you. In short , if na your father born you leave this house today.
I thought you said you couldn’t hear what was said from the other end? The husband chuckled.
That is your problem o. Do I need to hear what was said before I know a male from a female’s voice? All those are stories. What I know is, you are not going anywhere.
‘My sweet wife, the mother of my kids, the only one who has my remote control, the love of my life. You know I can’t cheat on you. All I am doing is to bring more money to the family. Or you don’t want to go for summer break this year?’ All these he said with his arm wrapped around her.
That is how you will be treating someone as if I am a child. Just go and do not stay long or else.
I am back before you know it. That’s my beautiful wife. Love you.
Love you too.
‘Daddy ,I will follow you’. Tope said this time in a low voice.
They both turned to look at him. They had forgotten he was there all the while.
‘Ok, go get your fine spider man shoes, so we can go’. Said the dad.
The boy ran up the stairs with joy.
You better leave now, you wouldn’t want the cries of daddy this, daddy that while having your meeting. I will take care of him, you just go.
You are such a darling.
Hey , come back here. Will you leave the house without a kiss?
Sorry madam,always at your service.
She got the kiss and he left for his meeting.

The conversation above shows that some partners can be troublesome. But our responses to them will determine what comes afterwards. What if the husband had responded harshly? There might probably be a fight, either physical or verbal.

Words we speak have a lasting impact on who we are conversing with and can never be deleted from the brains of the ones present at the time of the conversation.
How do you address your partner?. Even a mad man , if and when addressed properly might behave normal for the moment.

You want something, ask nicely. You want to make a complain, say it in a gentle way. Even when you are angry, restrain from using harsh words. Show your partner some respect and you will get much back.
The tongue has no bone. Let’s control what we form with it.
Love ya

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