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Underage sexual exposure: Who is to blame?

Written by Smile

By Abiodun Owoeye

Before this new age, sex was a sacred treasure that was enjoyed by married couples alone. However, as the world advances, different became the case, due to exposures and the law that defines a child of eighteen years as an adult and so have a right to make decisions for himself/herself. Many young men and ladies of age eighteen and above started getting involved sexually without being married. This has been the practice for a long time, and seems like a normal thing in the society that girls look forward to being eighteen before getting de-flowed.
In our today society, underage sex is very common. When I say underage, I mean below age eighteen. This situation make me ask, where did we miss it?

Dupe a girl of 12 years lives with her aunt and her family in an estate in Lagos. She is a young and active girl who is liked by all that know her in the estate. The landlord of the aunt’s house has his own house in the same compound.
During a school break, the landlord’s nephews and niece, ( Toni, Tope and Tiwa) came around on holiday with their cousins.
One late night, Dupe’s aunt came knocking on the landlord’s front door. The landlord’s wife was surprised because this has never happened all the years they have lived together.
Getting to the door, she asked if everything was alright because Dupe’s aunt wore a long face.
“I am sorry to disturb you this late madam, but everything is not alright”, she replied.
She was invited in and when she was sitted, she started by asking for Toni to be summoned, then she explained why she was there.
“I came back from work like 40mins ago and my children told me they meet Toni in our flat when they got back from summer classes. As a matter of fact they caught the two in Dupe’s room unclad. He bought things for them and begged them not to let me in the know. But because I am very free with them and one of the family rules is no secret, they couldn’t but tell me”.

By this time Toni was shaking physically so there was no need to ask him if he was lied against. The landlord was red in the face with embarrassment, he couldn’t believe his nephew of thirteen years could be sexually active with all the parental care his parents are giving. He apologized to Mrs Alex and advised the girl to be taken to the clinic for checkups (bill on him) and should be educated on sex. He said they will do same with the boy.

After the woman departed, Engr olagunju asked his nephew to take a seat. He then asked him how he knew about sex. “From my phone uncle” he replied.
Your phone , how? The uncle further queried.
“You see, because I am in senior secondary school, we are allowed to bring phones to school, so dad got me an Android phone and always subscribe on it. During breaks my friends and I used to watch pornography online, then we started practicing with our female friends”.
For how long has this been going on?
“More than one year uncle”.
How did you get involved with Dupe?
“Told her I liked her, and she said she liked me too. She isn’t a virgin o”
Will you just shut up, shouted the uncle. The wife had to step in at this stage because she knew her husband was losing his cool already.
“Honey please take it easy, we will talk about this tomorrow”, the wife said.

Now I want to know who is to blame in this case. The school for allowing phones? The parents for buying browsing phones for their children? Or the peer pressure?

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