The Vault With Abbey

The Vault with Abbey: Caught in his Web

Written by Smile

By Abiodun Owoeye

The house was very dusty. David has been out for weeks and Oreoluwa had no access to his house once he wasn’t around. They both dragged his luggage up the stairs.
“I am very tired” David said. “Sorry dear, it is expected. It was a long journey. Let me quickly clean the bathroom and run your bath” Oreoluwa replied.
“Take your time and clean everywhere, I need to dash downtown to meet a friend. I will be back in two to three hours”.
He took his car key, gave her a kiss and went out of the room. She was at the same spot till she heard his car drove out. “How I have missed him, can’t wait to be in his arms tonight”. she thought to herself.

She was still on the cleaning,lĺ when she heard him drove in. “That was fast baby” she called from the kitchen. “Yes, I wasn’t delayed like I thought I would” he responded while heading towards her direction. He ps head into the kitchen while holding on to the door handle. She was going to get a kiss when he said with a straight face “guess who we have here”. “Who? You know I am poor at guess game”. He released the door handle, and standing right behind him was Ronke, his female friend.
“Hi Oreoluwa , it’s good to see you again” Ronke stepped into the kitchen, to hug her. Without making an attempt to return the hug, Oreoluwa murmured her greetings.

“Let us leave you to your cleaning, we have a lot to catch up on.” David told his girlfriend while he held Ronke by her hand and they went out of the kitchen together.

“Did she just give me a cold shoulder? And did I hear her call you baby when we entered” Ronke demanded immediately she thought they were out of her hearing.
“Baby ke? Why would she, I told you she is my friend’s sister . Maybe she said boda, baba or bros. I needed someone to clean up before you get in that is why she is here. Nothing personal”.
“You always have an excuse for having her around you. Anyway who cares? So far, I take the masters bedroom with you and she, the guest room. I am not complaining.” These she said while hugging and kissing him. “I have missed you too” he whispered. “but we have to be careful she doesn’t see us. You know if she tells my friend , that one will tell my wife and we don’t want any scandals”. “Alright my king” she replied with giggles.

Yes, he is married. Yes, to all your guesses. It’s a true life story you wouldn’t want to miss. To be continued….

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