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The Vault With Abbey : Love and Money

Written by Smile

By Biodun Owoeye

Love is sweet o. When money enter love is sweeter. I wonder how true this is.

Does true love exist again? The rate at which material things are used as yardstick for measuring who cares more, I doubt if the answer is 100% yes.

Yes, providing for your loved ones is part of care. Does it mean if he can’t provide all you want, he doesn’t care or love you?

The start from the scratch kind of love is fast going into extinction. Our ladies no longer want to be a part of the foundation of a guy’s break even. What everyone is looking for is an already made man.

Do I blame them? Of course not. There are stories of how many got jilted after going through thick and thin with their men to make things happen.

Am I encouraging them? Not at all, I believe there are very good men out there, that would hold on to their women no matter their status.
BUT in any case, there must be caution.

Let me share this with you. I went in the company of some friends for a function,and we needed a place to stay. From the recommendations of people in the town, one could guess it was their best available. Located in the reserved area of the town, the hotel had facilities one would doubt exist in such a remote town.
Getting to the compound, exotic cars were parked everywhere and loud music filled the air. You guessed right, a party was ongoing in the hotel hall. After securing parking space, we proceeded to the reception. Young guys and ladies of ages between 18-25 were there, waiting to book rooms too.

They were all fashion decked, from tinted hair to lovely dreads, to piercings and tattoos. All looking good in their own ways.

We paid for our rooms and while been accompanied to our various rooms, a friend whispered in my ear “what are these internet fraud stars doing here?” It’s weekend and maga must have paid, was my reply.

We later went out for the first phase of our program. Getting back to the hotel later that night, some girls in black robes could be sighted by the pool side, while just one amongst them was on pink robe with a crown on her head. It’s a bridal shower! Wow!
All the guys we saw were either the bride’s or groom’s friends.

Hummm, we did not consult the oracle to know what those guys were into, so I believe the bride and her family especially the parents know what the groom is into.

Has our society degenerated to that level? Once money is involved no parent is saying no to proposals coming for their girls. No girl is saying no once he is loaded.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there are not good relationships based on pure love again, neither am I saying because a guy is rich his lady is there because of his money. No. But how many true love do we have when money is involved?

Will this kind of bride stay if maga (fraud victims) stops paying?

We see pictures of young African boys tying the knot with old white women every time on the internet. Men sleep with their female superiors just to get promoted or rip cash off them. Young girls dating their grandfathers age mate just to be classic.

A lady was inviting me for her wedding that will take place in few months. While she was with her money bag (her daddy’s uncle mate o). Biko who knows her fiancé?

Did someone just ask if I can date a poor guy? Please leave me alone my sister has wicklow.

All I am saying is , love should be sweet either there is excess money or not.

And from the depth of my heart, I love you. Yes you and you and you too. Love you all.

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  • Truly love is sweet when you are with d rght person.but now adays,without money no love can be sweet.Money even makes loveless relationship sweet.make God help us