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The Vault With Abbey: THAT PART

Written by Smile

By Abiodun Owoeye

We all desire so much from a partner, male and female alike. For now , let us take a look at what women needs, and in some cases what they get.

Every woman desires a man who can complete her. A best half that can provide a shoulder to lean on, a chest to rest on, a tongue that can speak words of love to her, a strong arm that will always hold her close, hands that will touch her in sensitive and right places, a head to lead her aright, thighs that will intertwine with hers at the peak of ecstasy, a pocket that can answer her material needs and above all a heart that will forever love and cherish her. Humm, so long a list you say.

Believe me some are fortunate to get these and more in their men. Unfortunately many are not so lucky.

Some men are willing and able to be that one person she dreams of (the perfect partner material- 100yards). Some are willing and not able-a pity he is already taken. Some are very able but come what may, they are not willing to be the perfect gentle man(chronic heart breaker), my dear if you sight them run for your life.

The willing and able are not easy to identify, because the willing and not able and the able but not willing starts with the same pattern of approach as him. They come declaring love, giving all the attention, promising heaven and earth, bearing gifts yadayada.

A lady seeking that one man that can give his whole for her , might end up with him that is willing to give just that part of his body. His dangling part, that part that has little or nothing to do with his heart, his selfish part, the part that knows how to do just one thing, USE her!

After the initial gragra (borrowed from a friend’s vocabulary) of getting started (that is, the initial stage of the relationship), you will then begin to see the true colors.

To differentiate them at this stage is easier, the willing and able will continue with how he started and even do more to show he cares. The willing but not able, will slow down or keep pushing now if he discover you want more, he wouldn’t leave her for you (there is love in sharing but not when it’s a man), so drop him. The baba of them, the able but not willing will only connect when he needs you. You will be the one doing the loving, doing the calling, doing the caring,and the visiting in most cases.

Young ladies fall for this category of men (the able but not willing), but because they are still very young and marketable (you know what I mean. Lol), they are quick in replacing them. The most prey are the advanced in age women, who are trying to find replacement of lost love or the ones who believes their biological clock is fast ticking.

My advise to you dear sister is this, do not allow any man take you for a ride. There is no time/age limit to finding love. Yes, age might not be on your side as you believed, but there is that one man out there who is willing and able to give you his whole and not just “THAT PART”. Keep being the real you and he will find you soon.

Hunkle (uncle), I wasn’t referring to you o. Just talking to my sisters o.

Lots of love from me to you. Cheers.

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