The Vault With Abbey

The Vault with Abbey: Before You Propose

Written by Smile

By  Abiodun Owoeye

It was a beautiful and smooth relationship until Oluebubechukwu thought it was time to take it to the next level.

Oluebubechukwu is an extrovert, liked by most people he meets with for his openness.

Oluebubechukwu, fondly called Ebube can not be called rich neither is he poor. He is an electric technician in a factory and also runs a private electrical firm (in his own registered company’s name) when off duty. Because of his diligence, he gets recommendations from people he ever worked for. He has a three bedroom bungalow and a car to show for his years of hard work.

His girlfriend, Ifechukwu, is a talented fashion designer, who is also a university undergraduate. Despite combining work and study, brilliant Ifechukwu’s grades never dropped. She hardly ask for financing neither from home or her man, Ebube, because she is an independent kind of a woman. However, despite that she does not ask, Ebube usually credits her bank account occassionally.

The duo have been dating for a year and two months and everyone believe they were cool.

Ifechukwu was preparing to start lunch for the family one faithful Sunday when she got a call from an unknown number. She stepped out of the kitchen to pick the call and the voice at the other end asked if he was on to Ebube’s girlfriend. She answered in the affirmative. The man told her to come to a certain hospital as her man is on admission there receiving treatments. She thanked the man and the call was disconnected. With her heart in her mouth, she quickly dialed his number to be sure it wasn’t a fraudulent call. Ebube picked the call but wasn’t very audible, all he could manage to say was, please come over. Ife dashed through the kitchen to the living room to inform her parents of the development. Her younger brother volunteered to accompany her to the hospital.

Getting to the hospital, she rushed ahead of her brother to the reception and what she saw threw her off balance. There her man was sited on a chair looking dope in a clean shirt and nice pair of pant trouser, grinning from ear to ear. Rooted to a spot, she saw her friends, her two sisters (who did stayed back in church with the excuse of having a meeting), his friends and some close acquaintances. All were smiling and giggling. By this time, Ebube dropped on a knee in front of her and holding out a ring in one hand, held her right hand in his left saying “since the first time I set my eyes on you, I have never thought of another as my ribs carrier. Everything about you inspires me. The thought of you keeps me going all day. Your care is out of this world. I eat you, drink you and sleep with the hope of waking up to know you are still mine. My Sunshine , I want you to be my next of kin, the one woman that will be behind my successful story. Ife, please be the one I wake up to see, for the rest of my life, the one who will be with me through aging, the one on whose arm I will rest when home calls. Omalicha Nwa (my beautiful baby),
Nkem (My own),
Ifunanyam (My love), will you marry me?”

The whole hall was silent except for the sound of sobs from Ifechukwu, all eyes were on the couple and when it was taking minutes for her to answer, different encouragement words were said by the onlookers. “Common Ife, say yes”, “This is the man for you Ifechukwu”, “sis biko answer him na”,

Using the back of her left hand to wipe her tears, she pulled Ebube up and stared at him straight in the eyes saying, “you know this is wrong. Yes I am your girlfriend, but have you ever talked about a future with me? Do you know if I want to get married? Have I said to you for once you are the type of man I want to have a family with? Do you have the savings to build a home? Have you considered the fact that I may want to further my education after my degree? Answer me Ebube, do you have that patience to handle a woman’s tantrums? Your style of proposal could have given me heart attack, considering my concern for your health.

My heart goes out to everyone that their proposals had been rejected publicly.

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