The Vault With Abbey

The Vault with Abbey: Rape, An Occurence in Need of Strigent Punishment For Perpetrators

Written by Smile

While the past few weeks have been doors leading many ears to the stories of long hidden rape victims and cases, they look as if these stories just occur. But to the shock of many, some have happened for more than a decade or less and the video of Busola Dakolo’s accusation against Pst Biodun Fatoyinbo remains a ground breaking one.

With this, the voice of many muted ladies who have gone through same ordeal as her seems opened to share their sad rape experiences. This prompted different groups of both male and female to stand strong against it through different forms of demonstration.

The saddest part is that there are different experiences that accummulated the expressions of the victims. Some were raped several times, while some were once. Some were gang raped, while some were by just one man. Some by family members, while some by friends and others by completely unknown fellows.


Reading through these stories, they were no doubt scary and heartbreaking. Hence, I had to stop and pondered on what could be leading people into such act. What I don’t understand still is what prompted the act by close friends to another? How would my brother have canal knowledge of a child I birthed? Why would a man see a 5 year old as sexy? Is sleeping with your own daughter sane? Would it kill you if you told your little ‘manhood’, “that girl is my student, so respect yourself”?

I pondered further if it does make you feel good to tear through your trusted friend’s pant just for dropping by to say see it? Yes, the parents are your tenants, does that give you the right to force your way through her? When has sleeping with a woman become an aptitude test for employment? Or because she respects and likes you as a neighbor, does that mean she wants you to sleep with her? Sadly, remembering some of the unhumane tales of these rape victims gives goosebumps.

Recently, I saw a video of some India women beating up a man for raping a day before and my heart was elated that it almost popped out of my ribs. If only the law will allow every rapist caught to be treated cruelly, how wonderful it will be! Or better still, be castrated; maybe, just by these punishments this madness called rape would stop.

However, everyone must be careful and watchful. Parents must be extra vigilant on their wards. Don’t leave your child with anyone in the name of trust.

Meanwhile, a friend once told me how she lost her virginity to her brother’s friend, who raped her. Although, I did not give the needed support back then (because I was naive), this was my late teenage year. My dear friend, if you are reading this, I believe you, and I am so sorry you had to loss it that way.

To every victim of rape, sis, I – Abbey believe you and I stand with you. No doubt, this occurence called rape needs a strigent punishment for any perperator; one that would scare and avert anyone from indulging in such unhumane act.



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