The Vault With Abbey

The Vault with Abbey:Caught in his Web part 2

Written by Smile

Oreoluwa was very angry at herself for reacting like she did. “I am not supposed to love him. After all, he is married. How did I get myself into this mess? Did he think I am a fool? If getting a cab here this time were easy or I had gone to pick him in my car, I would have left this very minute. What nonsense cleaning am I even doing?”

She threw the towel she was using to clean the cabinets down and removed the apron she had on. She went straight to the guest bedroom, because she knew once Ronke is around she has no business up the stairs. Her handbag and overnight bag were already on the bed there. This got her more angered. She took her bath and settled under the duvet for the night. She picked her phone to check missed calls and chats (she had left it in the bag to avoid distractions while cleaning). Of course she had missed calls she would have to return by day break,and her chats were many. She was trying to reply them all when she saw he had chatted her minutes ago “don’t lock the door, I am coming” it read. She quickly got out of bed to lock the door from behind, but she was too late. He came in that moment and held her in his arms in a tight hug. She struggled but he held on and he was stronger, so she relaxed after a while. Knowing he had won, he lifted his head to face her. “I am sorry I didn’t tell you she was coming. I knew you wouldn’t agree to stay if I did, and I have missed you these past weeks not to be with you tonight. She will be leaving the day after tomorrow. We have a business meeting to attend tomorrow, that’s why she is here”
“She is the guest here, and not I. Why do I always have to stay down here when she is around? This is not fair at all”.
“You know she and I work together, and we usually work in the study till late. She doesn’t sleep in my room, but the kids room. She is a friend of the family and we don’t want her suspecting us. She will soon be gone and you will have the whole house to yourself”. He kissed her deeply and she melted. “I came to boil water for coffee, don’t sleep yet. I will be right back for my baby”.
“I will be waiting right here my darling. I have missed you so much”.
He gave her another long kiss before leaving the room.

Baba is a smooth operator (thanks @Mariam for this phrase), isn’t he?. To be continued…

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