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THE WOMAN WITH A LION HEART, Princess Toyin Kolade

Written by Smile

By Babatunde Alaran

Love is in her hand anytime she smiles to people around her. She smiles to people with good faith and with gesture. Even when she is busy, her beneficiaries keep knocking at her door for help both in the morning and in the night.

This kind of woman is rare. She is often a buoy; to what is written in the scripture to woman that believes philanthropy is aptly fortune to enrich people around.

However, when we talk about, many women in Nigeria, nobody can doubt the legacy of this socialite, who has done tremendous feat to people’s life. As her name keeps echoing like whistle in time of turbulence and distress to those that come to her.

Princess Toyin Kolade is a name to always reckon with when we talk about fashion. She is a first class woman; in term of her affluence. She is also a woman that has spread wealth across her borders without any prejudice. Even, she has virtually described her beauty beyond that of a beauty pageant; because, her alluring skin is where the epitome of beauty lies.

Success in not a palliative measure when Iya Alaja of Apapa speaks; of her milestone and the cheerfulness she has put on people’s face both at her home and work. Thus, when achievement is to be talked about, nobody on earth, will forget, that she has done what her colleagues her doing. Astoundingly, she has placed herself to be a mirror that everybody looks at; with laughter and to bring prosperity.

Moreover, she is not Sidi, in Wole Soyinka’s play, the lion and the jewel, but, Iya Alaje is a woman with a virtuous heart. That is poaching a character in culture as the curator of the cultural convivial in Ile-Ife. The Aje Festival is an annual event that promotes the heritage of wealth and that of successful business men and women.

Indeed nobody can become a benign like Princess Toyin Kolade even though she spends money without regretting. Obviously, nothing could restraint the humility from her when it comes to human relationship and the exciting moment that she creates; stance, in such a way, she doesn’t give a damn about those who envy her.

In many regards, Princess Kolade is an industrious woman who triumphs in her businesses and her consistency has made her to be famous; far and wide. Like an English poet, Samuel Coleridge described success as the genuine spirit of appreciation from God to mankind. And this is somewhat, a kind of gamut that bestows her brilliance and intelligence.

Therefore, both beauty and good character is the watch word of Princes Toyin. That is also an octane to her womanhood. Even when she speaks, her parody, to language makes her diction, to be embraced without resentfulness. Meanwhile, nothing passes the eloquence of her word. Like Oscar Wilde even attested to her in his classic play: the importance of being earnest.

She is the woman with no ripple of sunlight. Perhaps, the woman that builds her own leviathan with ululation; from anybody that comes to her. Although, crème de la crème is simply, the less of Iya Alaje worries, of whom this has given a quagmire to be loved when people begs her to attend their party. Just like a comet, she is the woman that has the dignity of other women.

Seemingly, you can’t dispute her humility whenever she attends to people. She always reciprocates respect. Her glistening face is that of love and candour that makes her to trivial; in anything she does, also, she is a woman of estimable heart because; none of her character has the quality of impunity: which means she understands the tale of king Nebuchadnezzar than any persona.

No hubris in her purveyor fashion; even to talk of her style, or how she approaches matter that concerns her. She is indeed a rare gem that needs to be a meteor for those young ladies who take her as a role model; perhaps, her nature is recognized because she is a woman with sort emulation.

So, in no speculation, Princess Toyin Kolade is, the woman every man prays for because, she knows how to cook sumptuous cuisines, and know how to romance her husband, most of all times; and she is blessed with children, because she has never witnessed the irony of motherhood, like Nnu Ego does in the classic novel: The Joys of Motherhood.

And she is adorable and caring to her children and even like the demigod in the play of Samuel Beckett.


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