Yvonne Jegede: the quintessential thespian and mirror of social change

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“You have to find what sparks a light in you, so that you in your own way can illuminate the world”.– Oprah Winfrey


Nothing could be more true than Winfrey’s wise words above about a pacesetter, and it aptly captures the remarkable strides of a woman impacting lives with her stock-in-trade and helping to heal the broken and abused from a heart of compassion.


An actress, movie producer, model and advocate for notable brands including Globacom, MAON Homes, QAA Wearable Art Gallery etc., Yvonne at an early age, exhibited the instincts and mentality of a person cut out for the big scene. Growing up she dreamt of becoming a beauty queen, and even though in the conventional norm, that was not achieved, for all it is worth however, the difference unarguably lies in the token of the feat itself, which is the crown, since in many unique ways, she depicts the holistic beauty of an African woman. It is no wonder then that she was found to be the perfect pair to Anne Idibia in the 2004 musical video of 2face’s platinum album ‘African Queen’.


A philosophical thespian with a repertoire of quotes about life and success, Yvonne’s winning streak is an attestation of her positive mentality, focus, self-belief, entrepreneurial acumen and a go-getting spirit; attributes which have seen her blazing trails and championing perspectives that alleviate humanity.


In 2004, Nollywood movie producer, Charles Nova saw the genius beneath Yvonne’s captivating veneer and could not resist giving her an opportunity to star in the movie ‘Missing Angels’. She caught the big picture and has since gone on to feature in over a hundred and fifty movies, proving to be one of the most creative in the art and also proving true her own words that; “To be a champion, I think you have to see the big picture.” Indeed Yvonne found her spark, with which she has been illuminating her world.


A woman with a huge heart and the milk of compassion, Yvonne has been silently adding value to lives by her acts of charity. She also champions an initiative to provide succor to women facing domestic violence and also fighting against child abuse.

As the world battles the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic, Yvonne understands people are affected in many different ways, and has a word of encouragement from her collection of life’s quotes; “There is one thing about life that I’m very sure about and it’s that time will heal all wounds— be it heartbreak, physical wounds or whatever one is passing through.”

For those in already abusive relationships, she knows the lockdown occasioned by the pandemic would stoke frustration for many reasons, and leave women with abusive spouses even more endangered, for which she makes her platform for addressing such issues readily available.


The beautiful and level-headed thespian and CEO of MMI Productions Limited, has the Almighty God to attribute her success to, and does not feel threatened by anyone in the industry, knowing the stuff she’s made of.

“I didn’t do anything differently; it was just the grace of God that found me. I’m not in anybody’s space and I’m not threatened by anybody in the movie industry.” She says.


With a number of nominations and awards in her kitty, Yvonne is not pulling the stops at working harder and enjoying herself nevertheless.

“I plan to really be in people’s faces this year. My resolution this year was to ‘ball’ and have fun but I think what I wanted is different from what God is throwing at me. I just wanted to have fun in 2020 but it’s been lots of work for me”.


Born August 25, 1983 in Agenebode, Edo State, Yvonne moved to Lagos with her parents where she had her primary and secondary education. After obtaining her Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE), she travelled to Cyprus and obtained a degree in International Relations from the University of Cyprus.


Her parents did not support her idea of entering the movie industry initially, and perhaps understandably so, given the deluge of ugly rumors that the industry was mired in at the time, but as a determined and focused person with good deposits of moral values which she would not compromise, she soon became a household name and shone brilliantly, finally earning the trust, respect and support of her parents.

Yvonne was married to Olakunle Fawole in 2017, with whom she has a son, Xavier. The marriage was however dissolved for irreconcilable differences.


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